DeLanges Transport

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, established in 1928, is one of the oldest, independent, professional removal companies in South Africa. It originated & grew from the yellow & black wood timber moving industry in the beautiful, indigenous, forest-rich Eastern Cape.
Throughout 83 years of existence, it has been in the proud possession of the De Lange family – WITH A DIFFERENCE – No inheritance, BUY your way in. You thus own a share, work there, earn your living there and see that you deliver on the promises you make there. We just call it dedication!
The average family does not relocate frequently. Yet, when you do relocate, it is paramount & preferable to have it done by a company with a proven track record, plenty of references and a hands-on approach - like De Langes Transport with 83 years of experience.

DE LANGES is mostly petrified of quotations that are the cheapest & more often than not, you’ll find the job execution & quality [or lack thereof] also being ‘cheap’. However, we really do not mind being very reasonable. Rather lose the job, than lose on the job - & ultimately the client.
Hence the mission statement, goal & motto:

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